problem with gta 4
  • hi all!!!!!!!!!
    plz help me i m having a big problem with ma gta4
    i hav all specs needed to run it on pc and it runs very gud even at 1440x900 resolution with highest textures etc settings
    but the problem is more oftion while playing the game the screen starts moving back forth left right here and there. as if some one who is drunk seeing that game and if u aim with a weapon it is not also still why is it?????????
    how it could be corrected????????
    and sometimes even this continues no matter how many times i restart ma game....... when it starts after 10 to 15 secs screen starts moving.. and another major problem is thaht when this happens and u eneter a car it auto accelerates n do not stops even u applay brakes or handbrake..... plz help me i hav spend alot on ma pc to play this game i forgot to mention i hav downloaded latest windows live game software and created an ofline profile too. so it is not problem of ma pc or internet connection....................thaks alot i will bw very gratefulll to u.......
  • To be honest, I'm not sure what to say that would help. We are predominately a PlayStation- based site, not PC. All I can suggest is delete the install, make sure you have the very latest drivers for your video card as well as the mouse and keyboard (or joypad if using one of those to control).