I'm Goin' Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I just got a psp and have no idea how to get music, videos,or even pictures!:(
    I have a usb cable and have pictures on my computer with limewire and the memory cards in my cameras are to big for my psp. When i check online it says i have pictures on my psp but when i disconnect the usb the pictures aren't there. Please help i'm desperate!!! \ /
  • Poke, the PSP uses the Pro Duo format of memory sticks. If you haven't yet pick one of these up for the PSP. Once you have that in and formatted for the PSP the folders to move videos, pictures and music into will be ready and waiting for you. The formatting is done in the PSP's Settings menu.
  • Yeah I have a memory stick pro duo, but how do i get songs and the other stuff on my psp! It says Ineed to make a folder reading music or video or picture using my pc. The playstation store doesn't have any music[videos or pictures] Iwant.:(
  • When the pro duo stick is formatted it automatically makes the folders for music/ video/ pictures on there for the PSP. Connect the PSP to your PC, set it into USB mode and open up the folders you need. Now, drag and drop from another window into the folders.