• im on mission seven i think? its the one were u go into the police station pretending to be some kind of tradesmsn.
    anyways i find the evidence room okay. but then i cant find the people im suppose 2 kill and every time i think i find them i end up dying or gettin arrested.
    can i have some help i dont want cheats!
    i just want to know basicly the best way to pass this mission.
    thanx :)
  • Once you have taken care of the two cops in the electrical room go through the other door to find McCormack waiting for you (with gun in hand, of course). Shoot him as much as possible so he will be weaker later. he will eventually run away. Clear the room and wait to heal up before giving chase.

    Once out into the hallway head right and then left down the stairs. Turn left at the bottom (making sure to take out ant SO19 members in the way) and turn left. McCormack is again waiting for you. Shoot him as much as you can and he runs off again- give chase and he'll eventually hole up in a dark room. he will give up here so a couple more shots finishes the mission.