scarface game troubles
  • i went out and brought scarface ages ago...
    it worked fine then one day it just stopped working, i would put the disk in it would be the the start up until where it says press x to start so id press x and wait and wait but nothing would happen.

    so i thought ill try a differant game thinking maybe its my ps2 playing up. Nope all other games work in it fine.(even scratched disks)
    so i cleaned the disk still doesnt work
    i forgot all about it until recently i decided 2 purchase the game again
    same thing happened! although i did get a little further this time it asked if i wanted to load my game so i did that and it said loading and it just sits on that screen basicly until u reset the ps2.
    So i thought it could be my memory card, so i decided 2 select start new game but the same thing happened
    i love the game scarface if anyone could help me work out what the problem is it would be great appreciated
    thanx :)
    (please note the second disk is brand new not a scratch on it the first disk has minor scratches but my ps2 plays games that are much worse than that.)
  • if your at the main menu? you just wait, i just bought a used copy that had no case at gamestop and it works perfectly man, if your at the main menu, press x, it takes a little time to get to the game from there!