Connection error,help please
  • Hi all,this xmas i bought a PS3 and i have just got the internet wire for it i tryed going online and it said "A connection error has occured (80010201)"
    I have a Wired network,with a Router and modem the internet works fine when im on any computer in the house.My router is DLink my modem is Motorolla(Virgin Media)I have tryed doing it Easy way but it checks for about an hour then it says wired or wirless i press wired,and it freezes(not helpfull:( ) i have just tryed doing it by using Custom and i have entered my laptops IP address my dns,primary and secondary and i have entered the subnet,I follow through,it gets to the test connection says "Obtain ip address : Failed
    Internet connection : -
    A connection error has occurred (80010201)"
    when i press test internet connection it says "An ethernet cable is not connected" but i kno thats a lie because i can look at my ps3, and see the wire in it:confused: i have did power-cycle on my router still to no avail,Please can someone help me i reallly wanna go on COD 4 online,im new to ps3's so i might get confused,help please,thanks
  • Your problem lies in using the laptop's IP address- it's creating a conflict because no two devices can have the same address. Try going into your router's setings and set up a custom IP address just for the PS3 (using the PS3's MAC Address) then put that into the PS3's settings.
  • ok,How do i go into the routers settings to make a custom ip address using the ps3's mac address? *Crosses fingers*
  • damn,i cant get into the routers settings cuz we havent been given a pass or id for it,and we hav had it ages , it used to be admin id pass admin but it isnt also how would i get to the routers settings,go to a website? or something else
  • Usually with d-link the way past the log in is to put "admin" in the username blank and leave the password blank. Once in you would go into the DHCP button and add the PS3's MAC Address in there. With my router you also can set a custom IP address for the MAC Address.
  • so put admin as username and password as blank?ill try it 2morrro(its night time now)
    Also how i logg in is it using website?or something else??
    UPDATE: My router, is completely broke,we are getting a new good one at end of month,we will write down and keep the ip settigns and passwords
    I just want to thank you all for your help and fast replys,if i ever get another problem,this is the place to go, thanks guys :P