quantum of solace online help
  • ok, the game single player works awesome and i love it but i try to get online with it and the only game i can play is bond evasion but it makes me sit out a couple of rounds for no reason. i cant play and games that dont have rounds like that. i can play the free-for-all version but thats it. everytime i try to open the menu to choose my equipment it wont let me it only lets me watch people. and if it does let me open the menu then the 'choose your equipment' option isn't clickable. i dont know if its the game, the ps3, or if its my connection or what.
  • The same thing is happening to me. Did you ever fix this?
  • thats same thing is happing to me message me if you know whats wrong with it my ps3 user name is dfhksuhfk