Bond Voice chat glitch
  • when i play online i can hear everyone who has voice chat coming through the tv speakers as if some sort of glitch. i have a moterolla ear piece but i haven't even turned it on yet for bond. Under my accessory settings i have it set to come out of the earpiece and not the default device. its quite aggrevating. is this some kind of glitch or am i the only one with this problem and how can i fix it
  • Bit hard for the voices to come from the earpiece if it isn't turned on, keyser. ;)
  • dont want it to come out of the earpiece. thats why i didnt turn it on. i dont want to play with voice chat. i want it to stop coming out of the tv
  • Ok, misunderstood you a bit. It isn't a glitch hearing the voice come over the speakers- when you don't have the earpiece turned on that is where the voice chat gets redirected to. There's no way to get rid of it.
  • i started turning on my earpiece and setting it aside. that seems to work. Just thought that maybe i had something set wrong. thanks