Getting out of the vault
  • Hi I just got Fallout 3 and I am unable to get out of the vault in the over seer's office any suggestions
  • After you get the key and password from the Overseer head to the room on your right. Check the desk for some pre-war money and 6 darts. You'll also find Jonas- search him for a note from Dad as well as grab a stimpack and the lab uniform. Head into the room on the left and talk to Amata. Continue to the next room north, search the dresser and find the Overseer's Office Key if you hadn't already done so. You can also grab 12
    10MM ROUNDS from it. The other room on the west of Amata holds 5x BOBBY PINS in the dresser. Head south and open the door with the key.

    Search the lockers to find 120x 10MM ROUNDS, 3 STIMPAKS, 2 MENTATS and the Overseer's Terminal Password if you hadn't gotten it from him personally. Bow over the PC and use it to open the Overseer's Tunnel. You can also read loads of info on this terminal. Make your way to the Vault Entrance. After opening the door with the switch, talk to Amata and two guards will harass your special moment with her. Waste them, and enter the door they came through. The room on the north holds a toolbox with a SENSOR MODULE and another toolbox with PAINT GUN and SENSOR MODULE. Grab the 6x BOBBY PINS from the table. It is also possible to return to the previous area by going west but the only thing you're going to find are a bunch of Radroaches. Exit the Vault and you'll be at the world map. You will be given one last chance to modify any changes to your character.