• in the town of Dryfield, i've found cryptic messages in different areas.
  • Dude I had major problems with this bit, if you ask me it
  • Well since I was trying to post here (and it was damn good too) but my connection failed the numbers are for a combo to a safe. The combo is entered and then you get Holy Water, if you use it then you get 1 Lvl up to plasma, Necrosis, or apotosis, and if you eguip it then your damage will be reduced by 1/2, these types of items are good when equiped so equip and then decide to use them or not. If you need more help I am an expert at the game.
  • thanks a bunch.
  • I've never really played the bounty mode, so i don't really know much about that stuff.

    I think the skull when equiped increases the physical damage that you can do by around 1/4
  • Bounty mode is tough. I got to No.9 in Dryfield but he did away with me quickly. I have only managed to beat it with 80% killed (check your map to see were ANMCs are). There are records of this game in the Notice Board (if you see I started em all) Did you get the Gunblade? That is really usefull in boss battles.
  • i dont know much about bounty mode i always get killed buy the globen after savivig rupert as well but i have been able to kill 94% of the anmcs it took me ages and tonnes of back tracking after that game i havent played it since but i might dust it off and give bounty mode another try :holidays:
  • PM me and ill help you,i dont have anytime now :wave: