wireless internet connection problem
  • hi i am new to this but have problems connecting my ps3 to my orange livebox.my ps3 is finding my livebox,98%.i have entered my wep code but is still sayin timed out when searching for a ip adress,i have contacted orange and entered the ip address manually but still the same,please help,thanks leigh
  • I found this on the official site, Leigh- have a look at this in case you missed some steps on setting up the Livebox for use with the PS3.

    First of all, go to Reliable Servers and log in. (Default username is admin and password is admin - consider changing it if you haven't.) Click 'Configuration', 'Advanced', 'Wireless'. Here, take note of the Livebox name: Like ORANGE - 0000 or WANADOO-0000 and change the security to 'WEP security only'. (This will be changed back once the livebox is paired). Also, changed the wireless pairing time to '--' (unlimited). Again, you can change with back once the Livebox is paired with the PS3. Click Submit.

    Then, go to 'Security', 'Wireless Connection'. Note down your WEP secturity key. 26 characters long, eg: 0123456789ABCDEF1234567

    Go to your PS3 Cross Media Bar (XMB), go to settings, network settings, Internet Connection Settings. Say yes when it says you will be disconnected (may not appear if connecting first time).
    Select wireless.
    Select scan.
    A list of wireless networks should appear. Select the one with the SSID of your Livebox name (ORANGE-0000, etc.) and the security should be WEP. Signal strength should be at least 30% for a continuous connection. If not, move the Livebox closer to the PS3 or open a few doors.
    Select this wireless network.
    Check the SSID. and continue.
    In WLAN Security Setting, select WEP.
    Type in the 26 character WEP key. (Use the L2 button to shift to the numbers faster)
    Continue and select 'Easy'.
    Test connection should then work.

    Go to Setting, Network Settings, Settings and Network Connections Status List. Look for the IP Address (should start with 192...) and write it down.

    Go to Configuration, Advanced, Router and click the 'Add' button near the bottom of the page. You should be at a page titled 'Port Forwarding -NAT'

    Under Service: Select the 'Manual Service' radio button and in the text box, type 'PS3'.
    ensure the Protocol is 'UDP' not TCP in the drop down list and in the External port and internal port type in the number '4658'.

    In the server IP address, type in the IP address you found on the PS3 Settings and Network Connections Status List and type it in.

    Click submit.

    Now you should be able to play Online games.

    Now, go back to your Livebox and change the pairing time back to 10 minutes and change the security to WPA or WEP security. click submit.