ratchet and clank tools of destruction
  • game wont load onto hd. took it back to store, they replaced it, still wont load onto hd. no problem with other games.
  • This was an ongoing problem with this game. If you delete enough stuff from the drive (it can be re-downloaded from the store again later) the game will install with no problems.
  • rediculous glitch with this game, it accidently got deleted from hdd on ps3, tried to reinstall and said not enough hdd space, did some searching, found a simple fix and you don't have to delete anything from your ps3 console; put a music cd in your ps3 and go to music on the xmb (home screen), press triangle on controller to import music files, and try the game again, if it doesn't work, do the thing with the cd again, I had to import the cd files 7 times, but it took care of the problem, sounds tedious, but it works, has something to do with the game software having to see a significant change in hdd space to work, good luck!:rolleyes: