World at war online
  • Me and my buddie are trying to play online together... It can sometimes be real tough to be able to get into the same room. Ive seen people with names like [todd]killer3 and [todd]whatupdogg, They seem to always get into the same room and everything. How do you become part of the same team? Or how do you set up a private game and invite the whole online community... Or become a host.... Thanks alot for the help.
  • Do you mean you cant join the same party? cause that is what happens to me and all my friends. Its really annoying cause it means we have to join a game, then invite eachother into the game resulting that not all of us play together.
    Im irish, so maybe its only the USA that can form parties.......thats what my friend said but he would not be very reliable.

    Haha, it seems that im kind of stealing your thread, sorry lol
  • The online portion of the game is the same for all regions, Siopa, so your friend is (to put politely) full of it. ;)

    One of the limitations when it comes to a private hosting is the bandwidth of the host themselves- if it's a bit on the low side you may not be able to handle as many players as you would like.