home is where the heart is,or is it?
  • HOME what really is this all about? Ive been on a few times and really found it a bit of a bore,there's not really that much to do at the moment it might be different if there is more things to do i don't know.
    Ive met a few people on there one from my home town.
    but the main thing seems to be the blokes are all chasing the women and if you talk to another bloke some one calls you gay :huh: .
    i saw one person saying it would be better if you could hit people WHY
    lets hope theres more to do than pool bowling and dancing oh and not forgetting buying clothes etc :huh: .
    addmittedly i did spend 59p on some cool looking glasses :laugh:
  • It is supposed to be an online community to meet up with other gamers. Besides the mini games in there you can get together with people and launch into an online game with them (say, clan for Warhawk as an example).

    I do agree with the lack of maturity in some- I was in the UK Home last night and there was a small group near my pool table discussing women in a not-so-mature manner. Thankfuly it was geting late so i did not have to see them for long.

    There is definitely more coming over time in there- Red Bull is bringing in an area where, among other things, will have their Air Racing for players to try. There will also be some game-themed areas (The US has Uncharted and Far Cry 2 themed sections now). It's not a bad past time but definitely not a system seller like some made it out to be before the full release.
  • what is that red bull thing all about, what can u do