Viewing videos via PS3 internet?
  • Hi,

    I have my PS3 connected to the internet and had a couple questions about viewing certain content from the internet. There are several occasions where I try to view video or listen to audio and it won't work properly. The main things that come to mind are: anything on windows media player format, videos on (tv show repeats), or audio on

    I was wondering if anyone was familiar with any of these issues or if someone more knowledgeable could try them out and see if it works for them? If its just a matter of downloading something I would be willing as long as it was safe for the system. If there was a way to run a different more universal browser (mozzilla, opera, etc) on the PS3, I would also be interested.

    Thanks in advance
  • The problem probably lies with the version of Flash or other plug ins those sites are using. It's possible the PS3 does not have the proper versions to make those sites work.

    As for more "mainstream" browsers like Firefox, Opera, etc. you would be able to use those if you had Yellowdog Linux installed on the PS3. I've linked to their site a few times before so if you do a search for that in the forums you'll find it.