How do defeat the 'Destroyer' in LoS: Dawn of the Dragon ???
  • I have found five of the crystals so far but I cannot seem to find the others. There is one I can see but I do beleive it is the master crystal because there is a jet of wind keeping me away from it... Can anyone help me?
  • By 'crystals" do you mean the Spirit Gems? If so, here are their locations:

    1. On the very first platform that you automatically fly to, there is a
    spirit gem.
    2. On the far side of the arm that is in the water, there is a ledge with
    a gem.
    3. Next to gem 2.
    4. When you go around the Destroyer to his back, go towards the camera to
    find the gem on a ledge.
    5. From gem 4, fly up to the platform above you. The gem is on a rock to
    the right.
    6. After destroying dark crystal 10, climb the vines in front of you (or
    just fly) to the platform to your right. The gem is on this platform.
    7. After killing the many waves of enemies on the back of the Destroyer's
    head, fly off the edge against the wall (you might have to wall run) to
    the platform across this way. the gem is on this platform.
    8. Next to gem 7.