playstation games
  • I need to know a list of what games can I play on my ps 1 . I also want to know games that will allow 2 players. Is there a device that will allow you to play ps 1 2 & 3 if so what is it where can I get it.
  • Which games you would be able to play will depend in part on your location as your system would not be able to play games from other regions.

    This list from Wikipedia is about as complete a list as you will find. Most of the entries have extra details about the games also. You will also see the flags beside the release dates- that will give you an idea of which game is for your region.

    As for a device to play all 3 formats, we did have that at one point in North America- the launch model PS3. The later ones will still play PSOne games but PS2 game backward compatibility is now gone.