• Yeah the "Get Everything" cheat for Syndicate Wars playstation version It doesnt work. it says to enter the code at the intro screen. there are several screens before the main menu which do I enter the code in?

    this is the url of your page with the code:
  • The intro screen would be leading up to the main screen itself- try it there. This cheat is listed on a number of sites besides us and is legit.
  • Hi icarn't seem to get this cheat to work on syndicate wars i have typed it in at diffrent parts of the intro and carnt get it to work (I have never realy known neone that has actuly got it to work ) are there any other cheats for syndicate wars
  • I cant get this cheat to work either. Which screen are we supposed to input the code? with O being the last button, not X, the screen changes before the code is finished.