PS3 TW PGA Tour 09
  • Hi,
    I am having big problems trying to play Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 for the PS3 online. I am only able to complete about 2 out of every 10 games I play online. The game is freezing up once I get in game at any random point. I am seeing a dark grey shadow apear on my character and the game slows down then finally freezes. The only way to continue is to turn off your console. Then you get lost points and a disconnect. I have talked to numerous gamers online, as well as family and friends. They have seen the same happen to them. I think cheaters online are sending corrupt files or hacking the EA server. I spoke with an EA tech support supervisor and he said that they were working on a patch to "try" and fix the problem. This was 2 weeks ago and nothing has been done. I purchased this game to play online and online only. Now I cant because of an unsecure hackable server. This problem needs to be known about by others than the dedicated gamers who purchase this product and enjoy a clean fun online gaming experience. Something needs to be done about this. Any help or advice would be greatley appreciated. Thanks
  • Things like this are why I don't play EA's games online that often- never seems to take long for some to find ways to ruin the experience.

    Until EA can get their patch in place you may want to work on building up your player offline or look into an alternate golf game (i suggest Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds).