Adding Gameshark codes?
  • Hi, I have the disk gameshark, and I was wondering if/how you can add codes to it. I see how to add a game, but it just lets me type in a title, and nothing else. Help would be vastly appreciated =).
  • Because it is a disc you would not be able to add more codes for it to store. You would need to enter those codes every time you want to use them.
  • But how do you even add them for the one time? because I know it won't save onto the disk, but there's a way you can add codes and save the extra to your memory card, but I just can't figure out how to add codes at all.
  • You're supposed to put the codes in while the GameShark disc is in then swap out for the game when it tells you.
  • Just so you know all you have to do is 1. put your title in. 2. highlight game title the press over to the right, you should now see 'add new cheat'. 3. add your cheat title then highlight cheat title press right on d-pad, select 'add new code', then you enter new code. 4. once all codes entered correctly, & enabled, press start, select start game with cheats. when prompted swap out disc for game disc, & as long as you have a ps1 mem. card inserted it'll automatically save game codes entered. :D
  • hi!
    i was wondering how to select just one code to use for a game? there are nine codes but i'd like to use that possible?
  • i followed all the instuctions yuckfou4202005 posted and then some but i still cant add any codes. help plz
  • oh ya wen i press right on the game title or in the code selection place nothing appears
  • hey,i have a problem.i wanna input a code on gameshark but it already has the game. also, I'm using psxeven, and the gamesahrk is a rom. how to do it
  • Pbro, we do not support the use of emulators for video games. Read the pinned thread at the top of this section.