PS2 won't play PS1 games
  • My PS2 used to play PS1 games but now it stays on the browser symbol. Any tips on how I can persuade it back into action? Thanks.:confused:
  • I have got a ps2. now I dont no if the ps2 has a chip it that a lowes ps1 games to run it if there is a chip in it it may have fallan in to a rong place or the chip fell out of the ps2 Im not saing there is a chip in it but thats all I can say but hope thats the case:)
  • The problem would be the lens for the CD laser being out of alignment or dirty. It's also possible that, due to age, the laser itself may be starting to die out.

    You an try using a DVD lens cleaning kit to clean the lens (available at electronics stores and most department stores) to see if its the dirt being the problem. Otherwise it may mean a call to Sony.