Sims 2 PS2 Cropped TV Screen?
  • Hello all :D

    I 've rent Sims 2 last night to play on my Slim PS2 console, but my game screen is cropped... Seems like the game image doesnt fit on TV

    It's an old TV CRT (5-6 years old) 17"...

    I know, I am a n00b with ps2 and its hardware so I asked on another site (not PS expert) and somebody dropped an answer about "You need hdd cables" but nothing more.

    I tried to google it, but no avail..

    Can you help me with that please??

    Btw, I am new around nice to meet you everyone!
  • Check the PS2's settings and make sure it is in 4:3 mode for the games, jluna. This would be the ratio used by the older set. You can access this by firing up the system with no game in it.
  • Aready checked that and it's 4:3.

    But even if I change it to wide or full, there isnt any change on the particular game, it crops everything like on first place :(
  • Only other thing I can think of is try some adjustments on the tv itself- maybe it needs to be tweaked a bit to get the picture to draw properly..