Updating Network can't get online!
  • Hello, I've been going crazy since buying my husband the everybody's golf 2 game for his psp for Christmas. It has a Network update on it but says 'the game could not be started (DADADADA) whatever dadadada means I don't know! I cannot pair my console with my orange livebox broadband, I tried for 3 hours last night and still couldn't do it. The game just shuts down when I go into it. My husband is dying to get going on it as he has just about worn out the everybody's golf one! Please help.::(
  • Here are directions straight from the Livebox site, Panda- good luck! B)
  • Thanks Lyndon, i've put my livebox on WEP and WKP so now it goes online no probs. Unfortunately I still can't play everybody's golf 2 because of the message (DADADADA). Apparently it's a dark alex message? I have to downgrade to 1.5? Do I need Power ISO to do this as I can't get the hang of that....?
  • We won't be helping you with anything regarding homebrewed firmware or illegal copies of games- some of that "custom" stuff can break your PSP and completely voids the warranty using it. Do I really need to explain about illegal copies of games? :frown:
  • I didn't do this obviously as I'm a total numbskull when it comes to things like that. It was a 'friend' who said he would update it for me about two years ago!!! Is there anything I can do to re-set it and start again without damaging it?
  • One other alternative is to get the latest update from Sony's site and transfer that to the memory stick (they have full instructions on the site). Upgrading to the latest legit version should get rid of the firmware message.
  • Thanks, I've tried that about 5 times now! Downloaded it from the psp. It just won't download, it downloads onto the memory stick but will not download the upgrade, just comes up with that stupid message!!! I am giving up with ever being able to play everybody's golf 2 on it! Although I have just bought another game with an upgrade and it plays without downloading the upgrade!!
  • The firmware itself should download and run with no problem. Instead of downloading via the PSP's system update try going to Sony's web site on the PC and get the firmware update that way. Then transfer it to the memory stick. Once it is in place there you should be able to run the firmware update through the PSP's Game menu by selecting the firmware update in the memory stick icon.