• lets say i use my ps3 for everything from gaming to movies, music, eye cam games, and so on while i am surfing the net my ps3 gets viruses,my yahoo says that their are over 300 viruses. so i am wounduring if their is some thing i can use for ps3 80 gb. and what type of storage media can i use to download some viruses i love the ps3 i have eveything that goes to it i am pleased with it, but i am stuck on this so if u would help me out i would be greatful thanx foe ur time, and will the viruses continue.
  • As the PS3's popularity grows, no doubt the virii count will as well. Still, as long as you keep your PS3's browser pointed at reputable sites (like us ;) ) your odds of actually getting one are slim to none.

    I'm not sure I dare ask why you would want to actually download a virus. :eek: