• i have bought ps3 on 6.1.09.i want to make broadband connection for which pl answer the following:-
    1.whether internet will work on tv or pc only?
    2.Email detailed steps to be taken for making wired broadband connection with my ps3.
    my address:harisen@ymail.com
  • First off, congratulations on the new PS3! B)

    Now then- yes, the internet will work on the tv as well as the PS3. To have both your PS3 and the PC online at the same time you will want to buy yourself a router. Your modem will connect to this and then other ethernet cables will go from the router to your PC and PS3. Once this is in place you can then start setting up the PS3's network settings.

    You may want to check the pinned thread at the top in regards to some things you may need to do in the router settings- the PS3's network conection is a bit more finicky than the other systems, for some reason.
  • I have bsnl bordbend but i cant coneect intrernet on my ps3. there is eror 8700 somthing . pls hlep me...