Ps3 Tomb Raider Underworld
  • I have a problem in that I cannot exit Xibalba, I went through all of the Land of the dead and picked up the Jaguar Head on route and when I go into Lara's help are she says she has everything she needs to get out of here and that she must get back to Xibalba entrance. When she gets there she says she needs the key she took from the Mayan Cheiftan but she cannot pul the switch. This is where I believe she should put the jaguar head on the right statue but she does not do this????? is this a glitch any suggestions.
  • This is where the second jaguar head should be used- this was found early into the tunnel to Xibalba. I did find some times you needed to have Lara positioned just right to get the triangle button to come up, you may be running into this here.
  • Thanks for the reply. The trianglr does come up but she just heads towards the lever switch and not putting the jaguar head on. I have tried standing Lara in lots of diffirent positions but the end result is she just keeps going for the switch that will not work obviously until she purs the head on the statue . am i going to have to start all over again ???
  • No, you shouldn't have to start over again. All I can suggest is keep trying. You may need to do some looking around in case the head you picked up is not the one that is needed. Personally, I had no problems here when I had the game rented out (was a bit short to warrant the full purchase, i thought).
  • Thanks for this I have now purchased the manual and it says the same as you that this should work. But I have tried everything and still no luck. I have even saved the game and started a new game but it starts from the biggining but she has still all the same secrets looged in her file.So when you go to find them where they were on the first new game process they are not there bcause she has them already if that makes sence. Its as if the new game is loading with the secrets you did on the first run still stored. So I think if I go all the way through again to this point she will already have icked up the jaguar head. Im now completely bafold. If I start a new game surely it should erase everything from before??? Any suggestions.:(
  • Hmm... sounds like it is possible you will need to start from scratch, including deleting any game data that may be on the drive before you start again.
  • Hi its me again. OK I deleted everything formated the hard drive and started again. Now i have completed the first level returned to the surface and the video clip will not kick in. She just stands there waiting. I have cleaned the disc re inserted tried going back down but she just keeps saying she needs to return to the surface. i am losing my patience I like the game but never had these kinds of problems before any further suggestions. Should I take this disc back to the shop and get it replaced??? Thanks for all your help soo far.:o
  • I never ran into that problem myself- when i returned to the surface and went near the back of the boat everything started as normal for the cut scene. If it isn't cutting in for you then maybe you missed picking up something while under water.