atlantas the lost empire
  • having trouble in treachery level of atlantas the lost empire playstation one game. can get to the first lot of guards but don't know where to go after that. Keep getting sent to jail don't know how to go any further. can you help?
  • After you talk to the Atlantean king and head back out to take care of the first set of stone sentinels you should head to the locked door and use the skeleton key the King gave you. You'll be in a large pol area with another stone sentinel- take it out and climb up the wall. You'll find a radio- switch to Audrey and jump to the center ledge.
  • have done all that andhave gone into dark room and out the other side and into the part where you hide from the guards where do i go next
  • have done that and gone into the dark room and out to the other side and into the part where you avoid the guards where to now
  • When you come out of the dark room you have two doors, a jail with a radio and one down the hall with the guards. If you want to take them out switch to Milo and have at it. If you want you can skip the symbols until you have Kida available but it's no biggie to get them now and save some time.

    First, hide behind the first block. When the guard is out of sight, run to the second block and hide. When the guard walks past, jump over the block and run forward. Grab the symbol from the alcove quickly and keep running forward. Don't run into the little area between the sides of the path, the floor falls out. Jump up to the alcove above to get a symbol and to get past
    the next guard (if he sees you, it's easier to get past him when you come out at the other end of this path). Go around and when it's safe, jump down and go left. Go down the board when the guard is out of sight and grab the symbol to the right. Hide behind the block until the guard comes back and walks past you. Jump over the block and past him, and go up the next board and through the door.

    No guards in sight now! Grab the blue crystal from the chest. Through the next door you'll find a radio if you waited to switch to Kida to get the symbols in the last area. If not, switch to Vinney and go through the door. In the next room, one chest has a can of food and one has Antivenin. Through the next door, grab a blue crystal from the chest on the right. The other has a first aid kit. Go right, to the end of the long wall, and look for a cracked piece of the wall. Use explosives and inside is a gold heart and a chest containing a Piece of Mosaic. Go through the door to the left. There are orange crystals in all three chests in the hall. Through the door is a symbol. Go up the ramp and push the boulder down to block the hole in the wall with the never-ending stream of rock monsters, then switch to Mole at the radio.
    The chest has a first aid kit.

    Go down the ramp to the small depression on the right side where the monster was and dig. Mole will find a Piece of Mosaic. In the dark left of the ramp is a symbol. Then go back up the ramp and switch to Kida. Go through the door to the right. You'll find a chest with Antivenin, and the chest on the balcony at the bottom has another Piece of Mosaic. Go back up and through the door past the radio. The three chests have a blue crystal, first aid kit and purple crystal. Flip the circular switch inside the giant head's mouth. Continue and jump down next to the wall to get the chest on the wall below to get another Antivenin, then jump down to go through the door that is now unlocked.

    A symbol is just inside the door. The chest has a blue crystal. In the room beyond, go up the stairs and use all those pieces to fix the mosaic. Go down and through the door to the left. Jump down to where the level started. Go back out the door and through the crack. Stand on the glowing Atlantean symbol to exit the level.