PS3 Tomb Raider Underworld
  • Hi all

    Im om the costal tailand section and have been all over the level picking up the Gems, I have checked the field assistance and I am told to return to the statue of shiva.. I have retraced my footsteps right back to where you have an iron gate and have climbed that wall to where I originally dropped down but cannot find a way out, can any body help??
  • At Shiva you need to get the set of arms holding lenses to come down so that they are sending light beams toward the two movable statues down at the bottom. This is done with manipulating the statues holding scale-type devices found to either side of this area. The one on the left is a bit easier as it will stay in place once done. The one on the right, however, you will need to quickly slide a movable block underneath the arm that lowers to stop it and keep Shiva's left arm from going back up.
  • I have gone past shiva without putting in position I am struggling to get back to Shiva??
  • You cannot get "past Shiva" without getting the arms in position to open the doorway to the underground caverns. Without some more pinpoint info I can't say for sure where you are.

    If you are back close to the start of the level you should be able to find where you chimney-jumped up to grab a ledge and move on- get your bearings and retrace back to the section with Shiva's statue.
  • when i was at the statue the Field assistance said there was something missing from the statue and that I needed to explore, I am currently where the 4 monuments are that you have to climd up and get gems and where the giant lizards are?? I cant see an exit point there... so I can retrace my foot steps back to drop down point in seiling but cannot see way back up??

    any clearer?
  • Ok, the grassy area where you climb all over the place to find the gems for Shiva's hands. This was a bit confusing to me for a bit too.

    Check your PM's- I'm going to send you some help there.
  • Im there now thanks for your help