"Failed Connection"
  • I have Comcast broadband using a modem with only one ethernet slot. I just got a PS 3 and established an internet connection by disconnecting the Comcast ethernet cable from my computer and connecting an ethernet cable from the PS 3 to it.

    I then turned off the PS 3, removed its ethernet cable from my computer, and reconnected Comcast's cable. Now, I can only get error messages stating "failed connection" when I try to access the internet. The modem seems to be operating correctly in terms of all its lights are on. I rebooted the computer, reset the modem, unplugged it, etc. Nothing helps. Any ideas?
  • When doing a swap like this you need to power down the modem, not the PS3. To avoid this hassle and keep both online at the same time I readily recommend you get a router to share the connection between both the computer and PS3.
  • Thank you! Your suggestion of powering down the modem solved it!