• All this talk of Network Adapters and Routers and Ethernet cards is making me crazy. :wacko: Can someone give me a list of what I will need to get my PS2 online? I understand that I will need the Network Adapter but what else? I have broadband internet access and would prefer to go wireless with whatever I need to get my PS2 online. My computer and PS2 are on oppisite walls in the same room and I already have too many wires rigged up in my basement.

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  • It's easier done than said(opposite of what the saying is) because there a few things you'll need. You'll need a Router which will run you at least $60 and that's bottom of the line from Netgear. You'll need two ethernet cables(one to the router). There is a thing called a Powerline Adapter that plugs into the AC outlet near your gaming system, you'd then plug the other ethernet cable to that and then the other end would plug into the ethernet adapter(the plug that says Network), in the outlet that's covered. Then you'd need to do all the setup, which shouldn't be too hard for you to do as long as you follow the directions. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • But what goes to my current high speed modem? I would like to keep this as wireless as possible.
  • You're going to always need to have the modem connected using the cable and power adapter. Then you'd need to connect as i mentioned above. That's as wireless as you can get with the PS2s Network Adapter. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Wireless is expensive. If you want to go that way get Linksys wireless router and you will need their wireless Eithernet bridge. Linksys has full tech support for hooking up a PS2 with their wireless products. Just go to their website and look it up they have pictures of all the stuff you need and how it has to be rigged and they can help if you phone. My buddy picked the wireless rig up and it works great. It cost him about (in Canadian funds) $200 for the wireless router and $130 for the wireless ethernet bridge.

    Good luck and I hope to shoot you online lol.