Resistance 2: how to help Warner?
  • Hi all,

    I got Resistance 2 as a present and I have been playing with it for some days. I am stuck in a city, in which I am with Warner and we are attacked by bunches of grims. I am able to kill all the grims in the backyard of the house, but, when trying to go out of the house to the main street, following Warner, I can find no way out.

    Could someone give any hint (weapon to use, where to go, etc.)?

    I've tried following Warner out, staying indoor and climbing the stair in the house, using grenades, using machine gun, using the Rossmore, but nothing helps. I am really stuck there.

  • if you cant go forward then just retrace ur steps and you'll get out
  • dancer said:
    if you cant go forward then just retrace ur steps and you'll get out

    Is it possible to go back? I thought you had to go through anyway.

    I'll try that. Thanks for the tip!
  • how do you get the multiplayer wraith skin when u have the collectors edition of Resistance 2?
  • Sorry, I am not using the multiplayer feature yet.

    Some feedback on my original question: no possibility of going back, but I found a way to scape from the grims. When exiting from the second house (after having killed all the grims in the garden) to the main street, you have to sprint to the building opposite the street at your left side, climb the metallic stairs on the facade, follow the lateral roof, jump to the backyard and enter the container that you will see at your right. Just keep on sprinting to avoid that the grims catch you! Do not try to kill them, they are too many.

    Well, that was my tactic.