ps3 cant find ip address?
  • hey
    so recently or actually just last night my family was upgrading our internet speed
    and something happend so that all wireless computer and electronics couldnt not access the internet , only wired ones could, anyways called telus call all the wireless computers working, but now the ps3 wont work

    we had to change the ssid and passoword for the wirelss connection, so i changed it on the ps3, i searched for our signal at it has 95% connectivity, so then when i did a connection test, it said its timed out because it failed to find the ip address? can anybody give me a hand? thanks!!
    (everything was working perfectly before this internet upgrade)
  • You are likely going to have to re-do your PS3's settings completely- this will include adding in the new DNS Addresses and other settings manually. You also may want to re-do any settings you had in the router for the PS3 (port forwarding, adding to the DHCP client list, reserving the IP, etc.).