Tiger Woods 09 PS3
  • Why do the cheat codes not work for TW09 PS3 on NTSC US Playstation 3?
  • I have tested YOUDAMAN to unlock all golfers, powercap# (replace the number sign with a number up to 12 to cap the power level) and the CEPHALUS spectator big head mode- they went in no problem, just as directed. I'm using the north american version as well.

    As for the others listed on our site, it looks as if they either are actually for the PAL version of the game or are flat-out wrong.
  • Thanks Lyndon! I will try them. As you are probably aware. I am new to this site and stumbled upon it by accident. I have to say that I am impressed and will continue to be a member and will visit often. Especially when I have a question or issue that I need help with.Thanks and great job!