• Hi everyone, hope you all had a good new year. I'm a RFoM fan & have noticed a few clan's have thair own website, could anyone give me any info on how to get one up & running?
    1 more question, is orb riding on R2 considered a glitch or cheat? Everyone seems to be doing it! Not as good as RFoM by a long shot. Better look next time insomniac.

    Thanks wizzboy
  • Well, wizzer, most of these clan sites would either be making use of the personal web space some ISPs give for doing this sort of thing. From there it's a matter of knowing your HTML. If you wanted to make a site yourself without delving into the HTML I would suggest a program called Nvu- it's a wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) web page editor which you can also tweak the HTML on if needed.

    As for the orb riding, that would be more of a glitch than anything that some are taking advantage of- bit of both glitch and cheat.