• There must be some codes for invulnerability etc for this game. Anyone know them??:2devilish:
  • After a good look around it seems that there are no codes that you enter beforehand like most games have.I did find some tips that may come in handy:

    Hidden song:
    Throw coins in the bard's tray in the center of town during a single player game.

    Defeating the final Boss:
    Reach the last Boss and watch his transformation. Immediately after the FMV sequence, cast the Magic Door spell and warp back to town. Buy about three invisibility scrolls and stock up on mana and healing potions. Instead of using the magic door to return to Draak's lair, use the start menu to visit last places. Select "Town Exit" and warp there. Continue to do this town by town, all the way back to Draak's lair. Once you are just outside of the gates, before Draak can see you, use the invisibility and the Time Orb. You will notice the magic door is still there. Walk up to Draak, and he will have his back to you . Get as close to him as possible then hold X button and start attacking him. Watch the Time Orb's timer. Once it gets to about ten seconds, run back to the magic door and warp back to town. Use the menu to warp all the way back to outside level 29 and replenish the Time Orb. Reenter the level and repeat. Make sure to use an invisibility scroll to get the drop on Draak. As long as you only use the magic door to get back to town, it will stay there. This strategy will prevent Draak from being able to replenish his life and give you a easy win.

    Casting spells faster:
    When using a mage to cast spells such as Magic Missile, walk towards or away from your targeted enemy. While walking select the spell command as fast as possible to skip the spell casting sequence.

    Level up faster:
    Create a new character, then begin a new quest. When you are in town, equip the items you have. After you have done this, exit town and start to fight enemies. When you level up, save your attribute points. Keep doing this in Ardyl until you feel comfortable with the level you are at. You should reach expert level in about one hour. This will work as if you are at level two the entire time. Doing this trick can turn a warrior into a warrior/wizard. Note: If you quit the quest, this will no longer work; or if you are leveling up slowly again (after level 16 or 18) buy learning.

    Selling equipment easily:
    Play as a mage with the spell Magic Door. When you cannot carry anymore items, use the Magic Door spell to return to town. While at town sell all of the equipment you need to sell and rest for 100 gold. Go back through the gate and get the items you need. Repeat this as needed.

    More money for items:
    You will usually get more for selling items if you repair them first.

    Extra food:
    In the scenario were you have to get the Horn Of Plenty, keep using Abundance to continue getting chicken legs.

    Easy Lycanthropy:
    While in Lycanthropy, press Magic Spell Button 1 or Magic Spell Button 2 (whichever it is set to) to reset the timer. This is very useful for walking faster and keeping your attack power high.

    Also,if you put the game disk into a regular CD player you can listen to 19 music tracks from the game-they're listed as track 2 and up.
  • If you have too many items and you don't want to get rid of, or sell them, just drop them on the ground in the village. They will still be there when you get back. :thumbsup: