• Hello,
    I helped my son scroll through all 20 pages of forums, but we could not find anything titled tiny tank, so I guess there is no other post about it. So, getting to his question. He made it to what he thinks is the end, but he can't win against a boss which appears to be another tank which switches heads with his tank. This boss and his character are both giving and getting the same damage. How does he win the fight? This reminds me of mutant Lara Croft in Atlantis in Tomb Raider, Lara receives damage from shooting her mutant twin and has to lure her mutant self into that hole in the floor to be able to continue on. Is this a similar situation? He has played TR1 also and remembers what to do for Lara's twin, but he doesn't see a smilar solution for Tiny Tank. Can you please help?
    P.S. I posted an answer to the "ram" question for someone playing TR5 Chronicles. I am impressed by your staff! This is the only TR question that your staff was unable to answer. When I first heard "ram" the first thing I thought of was the bull of the tomb of semerkhet but then I remember that that's TR4! Anyway, please help us if you can.
  • Unfortunately i was not able to find any sort of information about this final battle- due to the game not being overly popular it looks like no one bothered to write up a walkthrough for it.

    For the time being best i can offer is an invincibility cheat- go to the Stamper screen and hold down the four shoulder buttons and hit X. This brings up the cheats entry. Put in TANKODOOM and you'll be unstoppable.
  • my son tried that because we found that cheat on another site, but he said it makes the other tank invincible too. do you have any other info?
  • Afraid not, Vicky- as I said, there wasn't much info out there regarding the game and the final battle with MuTank.

    Only thing i can possibly think of is there may be a way to get the head off and swapped back on to Tiny to not damage yourself when shooting him. I'll keep digging when I can and if I find anything I'll post back.
  • when you swich heads you still controll the yellow head and body use the yellow head to shoot your own body try not moving your body and what to shoot it