• I just puchased my adapter rescently, and it seems to work fine. My question is how many online games are there and whis is going to be the cost incurred to play them. I'm aware of THPS4, Madden 2003, and Socom. Other than that, What's out there? :(
  • For the most part no other cost will be there-just the purchase price of the game and your internet connection. The only variants from this will be games using dedicated servers,such as multiplayer online RPGs like the upcoming Everquest and Final Fantasy 11. Sony is leaving this decision up to the makers of the games.

    Other online games out now that I can immediately remember include Twisted Metal Black: Online (which you get free via the coupon if you send it in before the end of the year) and Tribes:Aerial Assault. Coming soon other games with online features include ATV Offroad Fury 2, Frequency 2 and Auto Modellista. As I remember other titles I'll add them in here-I'm sure there is someone out there that can add to this as well. B)
  • Some of the Sega Sports games are online also.