Nuclear Strike- Original Playstation
  • Hi!
    In Nuclear Strke, Level 2- CUTTHROATS- I have blown up about everything I could, all the enemy, building etc. In the first stage of level 2, it says Contact Cash. My understanding is you are supposed to drop off something in the circle next to the Mansion that Cash is in. What and how do you do this, I've tried several times but haven't figured it out.
    Also, I don't have a memory card in it right now. How do you enter the pass code-CUTTHROATS to advance to this stage??? Thanks and God Bless!!!
  • First off, find a memory card already so you won't have to fight your way to this spot every time! :p

    You need to grab a crate of money that is nearby your base. Hover above it and use the winch to grab it then take it to the target by his mansion. Drop it off and done.