Who Is The Undisputed Champion.....
  • Which game is the all time best?

    I would like to mention that i have never seen,nor played 1-5, or tactics,so their not included!Do you know why?coz i likwe it that way.Hell, even entering 6 in was not to my liking.

    and if you disagree........a 3 minute warning will be at your door soon enough.

    Lets begin.

    FF7 wears the title currently with the highest number of votes at this time.
    and that number is one.1.uno. 1 vote.

    For now.....

    enjoy the topic and have fun posting
  • I honestly cant beleive no-one replied to this. I thought itd be a huge sucess,like the games themselves.

    Well, this topic is probably a waste of space and money so the staff might as well deleate it.
  • I think one reason why people haven't replied to this topic is because it is the same topic that has taken on many different forms. Asking which final fantasy is the best is the same question as the one you are asking. So this is why many people probably haven't replied to your topic. Anyways I like FF7 the best.
  • Yes, i saw that when i saw one closed a minute ago.

    In that case, i recommend the staff do their thaaaang and close the mother down.

    maybe the name was misleading and they didnt look at it.
  • Yes, i do think this type of thread has been overdone as well. This has been closed.
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