playstation networknt workin :( :'(
  • hi i have a wireless connection, linkseys router. i have been online for about a year now an now it is not letting me sign in. i go on sign in and it says playstation network timed out, so i go onto test internet connection and it says
    obtain Ip address succeeded
    internet connection succseeded
    playstaion network failed.

    then sometimes i signin and go on cod WAW and try andfind a game and it does not find a game then one of my friends try to invite me and sometimes itconnects and we have a private match and i lag very very bad, and sometimes i cannot connect it says unableto connect to host or server signed out. then i try and invite my friend into a private match some can join some cant then when they come in it lags very very bad. can you help me please, playstation network is my life. if you have and solution that might work please let me know thanks remy
  • try openning ports m8
  • P_R_I_N_C_E said:
    try openning ports m8

    whats opening ports
  • It's a setting in your router, rem. Sony's PSN needs certain ports to be opened to let the internet traffic through. Check the pinned thread at the top of this section for the list of ports needed as well as a link to a site that guides you to the place in a majority of routers that these get used.