Im having troubles
  • First ill explain my setup. I have a PS3 upstairs. I also have a computer a modem and a router upstairs. Unfortanutly (is that how its spelled) the modem and router are old and from my old house which had a different ISP. The Internet upstairs wont work because my ISP wont let me get on the internet. That rules out connected internet.

    Now to downstairs. I have a modem and a router which let me get online. And a computer that im typing with. So I am trying to get my wireless internet set up but it wont let me get my IP. And Im sure its getting the signal it is displaying at 100% signal strength. Please help me. If you need further info I can give it to you.
  • First, ignore the old modem and router from upstairs- they aren't needed.

    As for the router downstairs, you may need to add some settings in there. Add your PS3's MAC Address to the client list of that router and, if it has it, set up a reserved IP address for the PS3 using that MAC Address. I would also go into the settings of it and get some of the connection information such as the router IP address, subnet mask and DNS server addresses to add into your PS3's settings. If you have encryption set up you will also need the key to add to your PS3's settings.

    Finally, set up the port forwarding on the router- I have the ports needed listed in the pinned thread at the top of this section.
  • Exactly how do I get the PS3s MAC Address? And I have a laptop setup to the network, will that affect it at all?
  • You'll find it in the Settings menu of the PS3. Go to System Settings and to System Information.
  • O.K. Ill try it. Thanks for the help =)
  • Help I can get to my router page but I dont know how to add it. I have a netgear WGR614v7.
  • Would it be smarter to run a cord from downstairs to upstairs? I think im going to buy a 75 foot cord to get there.
  • If you are geting 100% signal you would be best to use it. Even with the ethernet cable you would have to configure the router so you aren't gaining anything.

    To reserve an IP for the PS3 click on LAN IP in the Advanced section of the router menu along the left side. Near the bottom of this you will see "Address Reservation". Click the Add button.

    On the screen that comes up you'll see 3 sets of blanks: IP Address, MAC Address and Device Name. In the first set of blanks type in the IP address you want the PS3 to get, making sure it is within the router's range (I suggest to be high enough not to interfere with anything else connecting). Type in the MAC Address of the PS3 in the next blank and name it whatever you like (PS3 works). When done click the Add button.

    You'll need to restart the PS3 to get this setting to work properly once setting up as it will not "take" until the next time the PS3 wants online.

    This link is to the .pdf file of your router's manual, direct from netgear's site. Have a look through this any time you need to figure out how to change a setting (always a good idea to read the manual and learn how to do this sort of thing on your own, that's how I did it with my router ;) ).
  • Crap I tried and it cant obtain an IP address. Any other Ideas I do thank you for all the help youve done so far though. :)
  • Did you add the IP address to the PS3's settings along with the router IP address, subnet mask and DNS server addresses?

    You may also need to give the router a power cycle to make the changes really stick along with giving the PS3 a reboot.
  • Yes. Unfortunately no joy.
  • Well, it's hard to say what else to check other than make absolutely sure you have your settings correct.

    Do you have encryption enabled in that down stairs router? If so, you'l need to include the pass key in your settings.
  • UMMMM I think I know the problem. My router is on a WPA-PSK [TKIP] security. Should I change it to WEP? And I also dont want to mess with my laptops connection.
  • I was thinking encryption may be part of the problem.

    You won't need to change that- find the pass key for your WPA-PSK encryption in your router settings and add this to the PS3. It is able to use it.