• hy mate
    i have a slim ps2.and i wanna play COD2,online.i dont have the network disk.what can i do?i think i can buy a game with net play,and make a connection and save it to the memory card.should work that way?and what game should be?
  • You won't be able to play COD 2 online, the servers got shut down for it some time ago. Those servers would now be being used for more recent versions of the game.

    Still, you should be able to set up a connection using another game. The latest PS2 SOCOM game should do the job nicely.

    One thing I should mention is with you being in the UK you will need to use a network access code (which was found among the PS2 documentation) to set up a user name at Central Station. If you don't have this any more you will want to contact Sony about getting a new one.
  • i still need network disk if i'm from romania?because i didnt receive one.and about COD2server,I'm sad.and for any online games i need network disk?
  • You won't necessarily need the disc but you definitely will need the access code I mentioned. If you do not have that contact Sony (the number is in the manual) and they should be able to get you a replacement.