ratchet and clank: future tools of destruction
  • I cant get past the ublik passage. please help!
  • What part of the stage is giving you trouble?
  • It starts with either going behind you and screw down the bolt or enter the circle. kill those pirates more come out. go down the bridge. go left and go down to the little ship. i also know about the gravity boots way to the other little ship. cant do anything now.
  • r u still there?
  • I guess noone knows either?
  • The main path of this level is to get to the barge at the end (what you are calling the little ship). When you board it you will be chased by 3 of Slag's ships, you'll have to take out the cannons on them. This will eventually lead to a boss battle with Slag.
  • Ok so I go into the center circle kill all those guys. Then the bridge comes out and more guys come into the circle. kill those guys and go down the bridge. another two guys come across on a cart thing. Kill them and one wall goes down. Go around to the left and you fight 3 more guys on the cannons. kill them and you are left standing on the little ship with a big ship behind it! Cant go anywhere and cant get up on big ship or barge! What do you do to go anywhere on the little ship?