Connect 2 PS3 to each other using Router
  • Hello all PS3 Experts,

    Here is the scenario..

    Me and my friend lives in the same apartment building. We both have PS3.
    Now I have a Linksys router(WRT54GL) running DD-WRT firmware.

    What I want is, If both of our ps3 is connected to the same router, Can we connect to each others' PS3 and play games head to head? (Like some of us play with our PC in local network without going online) ..

    Or its a must that we have to go online and have to join an online gaming network?

    Novice here .. So some explaination with details will be a great help ..

    Thanks in advance.
  • In games that allow it you should be able to do LAN play- details on that would be in the game manuals. To be honest, you wouldn't even need the router, just connect to each other using the proper ethernet cable.