Playstation network timed out
  • I have spent hours trying to figure out what happen to logging into the Playstation network. For weeks I have enjoyed Call 4 duty modern warfare and right before Xmas I no longer have been able to log in I get this message The connection with the Playstation Network timed. I have notice other have has problems too. I have tried the ethernet cable the same results happens. I have reset the default setting the same results happens. I read about the port forwarding and port triggers adjustment in the router. I have a Motorola SBG900E router, in the menu it has port forwarding and port triggers. Where its says port start and port end what numbers are supposed to go there? And the same for port triggers. I also read in the FAQ about some of the adjustments like 80 ,443 and some others are these the start and end numbers? And on the port triggers is it TCP or UDP or both? In the beginning when I first got the PS3 I never touch none of these, how is that now I need to make these adjustments? I am looking for some good advise to fix this problem. The wireless internet is successful and the IP address is successful.

    Jr 2008:frown:
  • Check out the pinned thread in the PS3 Console section, Jr. I have the ports listed that the PSN traffic needs with their types and the numbers. For the single numbers put the same one in both the start and end blanks. Use the Port Forwarding section of your router.