Scarface "The World Is Yours"
  • I have a playstation p2. My memory card has 6,500 KB of free space. The Scarface game is suppose to only take 80KB of space.
    The game doesn't seem to autosave. After I go a certain distance in the game and then turn it off and come back I don't have any saved profiles on my memory card.
    When I die in the game it does put me back at the last starting point but won't assign anything to a profile for me.
    What could be wrong? The memory card works fine and saves for the other games I play.
    Help me out guys/girls Thanks In Advance Greg Billman
  • To save your game you need to talk to a bank employee inside. It does not auto save when you complete a mission.
  • nice new avatar lyndon, wat is it
  • You Go In The Bank, And A Woman Will Have A Logo Above Her Head, That Looks Like The Lincoln Memorial, Talk To Her, The Same Person You Launder Money To!