Pro Evo vs FIFA
  • Your thoughts please.

    I have always been a Pro Evo addict, shunning FIFA because of its inferior gameplay.

    BUT, i have been taken for granted for too long and have just traded Pro Evo 2009 for FIFA09.

    Pro Evo online is an embarresment and FIFA has closed the gap with gameplay so as to be almost imperceptable.

    I played the FIFA09 demo and liked it.

    What are you? Pro Evo or FIFA, or both?
  • I'm a FIFA guy myself, although to be honest, it only gets occassional play from me - it's not one of the sports franchises that's a "must buy" every year for me, like Madden (although the last 2 years have been a bit of a letdown) or MLB The Show (08 was the best baseball title ever, and I've already got the '09 edition on pre-order for March 3rd!). I probably don't play FIFA a tenth as much as I play those, so I may not be the best judge.
  • i have got to say fifa, pro evo is ok but not as good as fifa
  • Iv always been a Pro Evo guy!although the fifa career is miles better, the gameplay in pro is brilliant!

    for instance, if you shoot from long range in fifa, 9 times out of 10 in goes into the exact same corner of the exact same side!!it pisses me off (excuse my language)

    in pro you can do so many better things!i really hope pro step up their master league to the standards of fifa's. But the 'Become A Legend' in Pro is so much better!what is the point of making a program in a game like that if your going to start off as a good player. The whole point of that program is to 'Become a Legend'!why would you bother starting off as a good player?doesnt that defeat the whole purpose of it?
  • Pro Evo has always been my favorite game, I never used to be that into Fifa but I have to say that this fifa has been great. I still prefer Pro Evo but I think fifa is getting closer to it. Pro Evo has improved gradually, lets be honest it doesn't really need much improvement apart from maybe adding Championship sides and the legend mode isn't as good as fifa's be a pro so that could be as well, and also the commentary but that doesn't really matter Pro is still for game play the best but Fifa online & Be a pro is better. So what I am trying to say is that over the past few years fifa have upped there game and put effort into it where as Pro makers (Konami) maybe wanna get there finger out a bit and try to improve a couple of things. So Pro 2009 for me, just about.