playstation network online but not connecting COD WAW games
  • hi
    i have a wireless linkseys router i havehad problems bofor so i opend the ports but now when i join a game on COD WAW it lags very verybad and i dont know what to do please help

  • i get the same problem
  • is there any news it wont connect to quantum of solace eather
  • It most likely is Activision themselves having problems with their online servers. The fact that both games you are having problems with are Activision titles confirms it.
  • i have tried fifa 09 and it lags very badly in a gme so i tryed a wired connection but i couldnt sign in and now i cant sign in wirelessly what do i do !?!?
  • im lagging very very bad on cod an fifa it is very bad what do i do please help
  • To be honest, rem, the problem may be in your internet provider itself and not any one setting on your PS3 or your router. If they aren't giving you a lot of bandwidth this would cause you to lag out in larger multiplayer games. You may want to quiz them up about the speed they give and possible suggestions on settings.