Please Help...Tiger 09 freezing in online play
  • Several of my online friends and I have been playing Tiger 09 since it came out last year. We are experiencing freeze ups during online play. When this freeze up happens, we are forced to turn off our consoles and reboot. When we do this, we loose tons of points. One freeze up can cost 1200 points(thats like going from ranked 50 to ranked 600).

    We have contacted EA support numerous times and they just keep sending us in circles. I would say there was a problem on my end if it were only happening to me but it is happening to tons of psn tiger gamers.

    I am very frustrated as it takes about 2 weeks to recover points from just one freeze up and thats if you can recover them before it freezes up again.

    Please help...EA doesn't seem to care as long as their product keeps selling.
  • There isn't much I can suggest as it would seem like a problem on the server side and not the player end if going by the number of players you say this happens to. This would be something they would have to fix.