PSN 8002A548 error
  • Hello I have a problem with my PS3. My PS3 keeps disconnecting from the Playstation network and it gives me this error: 8002A548

    This started happening after I started using uTorrent and now I have stopped using this program but the problem won`t go away. On the PS3 I can go onto the internet fine, but none of my games can connect to the playstation network. I have opened all the ports on the routers, set a DMZ, static IP, lowered the security on my router, and disabled UPnP; yet still no go :eek:

    I have a D-link DIR-625 router. I have no idea what else to try. Any help will be really appreciated.

  • Have you tried giving your router a quick power cycle to make all of the settings changes stick?
  • yes I have power cycled my router many times, rather I`ve left it without power for a few minutes as well; yet still no go :(

    I`ve had this PS3 for a year now and had no problems with it until recently when I started using uTorrent. thing I forgot to add is that now the PSN is able to stay connected longer than before but none of my games can connect to the PSN. Each time I try to play a game online, it kicks me off the PSN. Yet if I sign in and don`t try to go online, it will stay signed it haha
  • Ok, sounds like uTorrent may have kept hold of a certain port that the PSN needs. You may have to go into the router settings and remove all mentions of uTorrent in there
  • I didn't assign any ports to utorrent in the router. But the problem is solved haha I haven't used uTorrent for the last 2 days and now everything fixed itself haha. Thanks for all your help :D
  • mine is doing the same thing but the only thing different id that i dont use u torrent
    please help me
    everything is succeeded exept for PSN