Connection Issue - Im stumped
  • Ive been working with this for weeks and have tried 3 separate routers, most recently using a linksys wrt54g2 with the dd-wrt firmware. I used a couple dlinks before this and always get the same results.

    I've forwarded every port required, and most recently have set my ps3 to the dmz with a static IP address out of DHCP range. Ive tried with upnp enabled and disabled. Ive tried with nothing else plugged into the router while gaming and basically no matter what I do, I either lose connection to the game server or get signed out and then lose connection to the game server because I got signed out. I can still browse the internet though.. My nat is type 2.

    Any other information you need let me know.. im literally stumped.
  • You have just about everything except you should set the PS3's IP address to be within the router's IP range, not outside of it. Other than that al I can suggest is set everything you can on the PS3 manualy (DNS servers, MAC Address, etc.).
  • Ive set the ps3 to DMZ with an IP address of (within dhcp range) with upnp enabled on my router and available on the ps3. Media sharing is disabled and Im still dropping my connection in nhl09 and mk vs dc and to the playstation network. It takes about 30 seconds to log into the playstation network which seems a little long. Nat is still type and I have no problems browsing at all. I never get kicked off the browser.

    Seems like setting it to a static within or out of dhcp made no difference at all.
  • The problem may be a general lack of signal strength- what sort of percentage are you getting when you scan for the network?
  • Wired with a cat6 cable.
  • That may be part of it then- you should be using standard CAT-5e cable.
  • the network cable that comes with the playstation itself is a cat6 cable.
  • Sounds like you may still need to open some ports within the router itself- check out the pinned thread at the top for the ones need for the PSN.
  • Even with DMZ I'd need to port forward? That seems a little suspect, no?
  • Normally you wouldn't need to, it's true- still, there is something going on within the router settings that is keeping things working properly. This sort of thing is hard to diagnose via a forum- at this point you may want to consider starting from scratch and re-do your settings both in the router and on the PS3.